Patient Fees

Our policy is that all fees are paid at the time of your consultation. If this is a problem, please speak to your Doctor or our Practice Manager.

Fees vary depending on your age, your entitlements to subsidies and the services we provide. We are happy to provide further information on request.

We are a Contracted Provider to Pegasus Health (Charitable) Ltd Primary Health Organisation. The fees information given below is for those patients who are enrolled with our practice as a member of Pegasus Health. The fees vary according to the age groups receiving government subsides. The table of fees shows our standard consultation fees for enrolled patients in the different age groups.
There may be additional charges for:-

  • Accounts not being paid on the day of consultation
  • Longer consultations or additional services being provided
  • Patients who are not enrolled with the practice (i.e. casual patients)
  • After hours consultations/Visits
  • Nursing services

The table of fees below shows our standard GP consultation fees for enrolled and funded patients in the different age groups subsidized by the Government. Rates as at 1 July 2020:

 Under 14 years  14 – 17 years  18 years and over
 Free  $37.00  $50.00
 Free  $13.00*  $19.50*

*CSC Holders

For a comprehensive list of fees please see below.

North Avon Medical Centre Fees

As of 1 July 2020

Our policy is that all fees are paid at the time of consultation. North Avon Medical Centre is a member of Pegasus Health and is able to pass on the Government subsidy to patients enrolled with this practice.

Fees stated below are our usual fees. These may vary, e.g., for longer consultation times or special circumstances. The fees apply to New Zealand citizens and those with eligibility. Non-payment on the day incurs an administration fee of $5.00.

Patients who do not attend their appointment will be charged the consult fee.

Age Csc holder Enrolled Casual ACC – Csc ACC
0 – 13yrs $0.00 $0.00 $85.00 $0.00 $0.00
14 – 17yrs $13.00 $37.00 $85.00 $13.00 $32.00
18yrs + $19.50 $50.00 $85.00 $19.50 $42.00
Other services (from)
Sexual health (to 17yrs) $0.00
Travel consultation $85.00
Home visit $140.00
Double appointment $100.00
Removal of lesion $220.00
Single punch biopsy $120.00
IUCD insertion / removal $120.00
Jadelle insertion / removal $100.00
Steroid injection $75.00
Nurse consultation $35.00
Blood pressure check with nurse $25.00
Blood test $15.00
Cervical smear with registered nurse $38.00
Dressing (materials from) $20.00
ECG $55.00
Form completion (from)

Referral fee (from)



Injections $25.00
Liquid nitrogen $25.00
Pregnancy test $15.00
Prescriptions (All prescriptions faxed or emailed to pharmacies, except North Avon Pharmacy will incur a $3.00 charge)

2 days’ notice

Urgent 24 Hours

Children 13yrs & younger






Smoking cessation Initial consultationFollow up $20.00 – $10.00

$ Vaccinations available on request, doctor or nurse consult fee will apply.

Terms of Credit – Payment is required on the day of consultation. If you are unable to pay at the time of consultation please see reception prior to being seen. All accounts will incur a $5.00 administration fee.